A Walk With The Dogfather

A Walk With The Dogfather

What makes a walk with The Dogfather different?  

The Dogfather, or Rob in his day to day life, these days prefers to take his "pack" to a quiet spot in the Wicklow mountains instead of crowded parks.  

Equipped with an abseiling harness capable of holding 800kg and a decade of experience training and walking dogs, there is no doubt that he is the one in control of his four legged, furry walking companions.  

And this gentle control is the feature that sets Rob apart from other walkers he sees.  He points out, "most dogs don't have good recall, so if you let them off the lead, they can cause havoc."  The risk from other dogs is one of the main reasons that he has moved his walks away from the city and up into the mountains. 

While dog walking may seem like a simple offering, The Dogfather has proven that it in fact takes a deep understanding of the handling and psychology of dogs.  

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